2023: A Look Back

2023: A Look Back

Architects are creators at heart, and by default are looking forward to the next design, project, or task to solve. As we wrap up the year, we’ll hit pause and reflect on our year with grateful hearts. First, our team deserves great credit and applause. Allison, Nate, Rick, Marco, Niasia, Rose, Maeve, Zack, and Dean have not only served our clients, but define AEL. As a company, we were given many design opportunities and are proud to have not only designed physical structures ,but fostered many relationships along the way. 

Cheers to 15 years! 

This year marked a special celebration – our 15th year in business! We know our continued success would not be possible without our clients, partners, and team. Thank you all for your confidence and support. 

2023 Highlights 

Looking back, we were proud to partner with Home City Development, and broke ground for the construction of Amethyst Brook Apartments in Pelham, a PHIUS Design Certified 34 unit affordable housing complex and Gemini Townhomes, 40 new townhomes that will answer the dream of home ownership in Springfield’s South End. Hilltown CDC’s Cester Commons accessibility improvements  and building rehabilitation also began construction, and the Cummings Residence is near completion with Phase II of their home master plan. Samuel Lu Dental moved into their new offices, Agawam Self Storage is near construction completion, and the design and funding continues for TCB’s Worcester Aurora Apartments. We had the pleasure to serve The City of Holyoke, Holyoke School Department, The Town of Ludlow, Pittsfield Housing Authority, Stanley Black & Decker, Positive Regard, Atlantic Capital, Shatz, Schwartz and Fentin P.C, Appleton Corporation, Carr Property Management, Lamcotec Inc., McKinstry Farms, Arment Trucking, the Center for Advanced Reproductive Services, and Blackington Building to name a few. We’re excited to begin design work for Kozey Greene Wellness, Zoom Room, and Innovative Physician Services, LLC. AEL continues to partner with agencies such as the East Longmeadow Veterans Memorial Committee, Gandara Center, Western Mass ElderCare, the Five Town Chamber of Commerce, and Harwich Chamber of Commerce.  

We are strengthened by our team which includes: Johnson Structural Engineering, William Canon Landscape Architect, Berkshire Design Group, Roert W. Hall Consulting Engineers, BLW Engineering, Center for Technology, Building Evolution Group, Hal Cutler Code Consultant, and Epsilon Associates.

We thank our builders of all things, including Western Builders, Inc., Saloomey Construction, Inc., Keith Construction, Inc., Locklin Construction, River Shore Building Services LLC, Kelley Building Group, Westside Enterprises, Inc., Sweitzer Construction, and H & L Tassinari Builders, Inc.

Cummings Residence – so close to completion! 

Our team is thrilled to be putting the final touches on the Cummings Residence, a residential project in South Chatham, Massachusetts. With our expansion to Cape Cod we have been working hard to not just serve the community, but become a part of its fabric. That’s why nothing makes our team happier than receiving a note like this one: 

“Dreams really do come true. Thank you, Shoreline Pools and Kevin Rothschild-Shea, for giving us a master plan and of course, Kevin Casey, and Cranberry Landscaping, for pulling it all together as without you we wouldn’t be where we are today.” -Colette Cummings



Kevin Shares with Community Podcast

The East of the River Five Town Chamber of Commerce (ERC5) promotes an environment that fosters the economic growth of the towns of East Longmeadow, Hampden, Longmeadow, Ludlow, and Wilbraham, MA, through the creation and expansion of businesses and jobs. 


Kevin Rothschild-Shea, our President and Principal Architect, was invited to join Grace Barone, Executive Director of the ERC5, on their podcast, Conversations with the ERC5, to discuss in depth the design process AEL goes through for each project. Check out the full episode here.

Groundbreaking of Gemini Townhomes

Many urban communities across the country, including Western Massachusetts, are dealing with a housing shortage and a lack of affordable housing. With Home City Development, AEL is changing that narrative for Springfield residents by contributing to the design and construction of 40 new townhomes. Gemini Townhomes, as they will be known, will be located in the South End of the city and utilize a 100,000-square-foot textile mill site which was destroyed twenty years ago by a fire. You can read the full article here.


Chester Commons

Accessibility improvements, which includes a new elevator, entry and egress stair, accessible apartment, HVAC, and fire sprinkler upgrades round out the moderate rehabilitation of the 15 unit former school in the village of Chester, MA. We’re fortunate to partner with Hilltown CDC, MBL development, Saloomey Construction, Robert W. Hall Consulting Engineers, Johnson Structural Engineering, and William Canon Landscape Architect.



Massachusetts Business Podcast

Our founder, Kevin Rothschild-Shea, started Architecture Environment Life, Inc. in 2008 after working for a local firm specializing in housing projects for eighteen years. He is currently licensed in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, North Carolina and South Carolina and holds memberships with the National Council of Architectural Registration Board and the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Earlier in the year, Kevin joined the Massachusetts Business Network (MBN) on their podcast and shared what made AEL want to specialize in multifamily and affordable housing projects, along with what made him want to become an Architect. He also discussed some of the challenges of working on projects with extended lifespans, how the company started working in various sectors, advice for anyone looking to become an Architect, plus he shared about some of his favorite projects to date. Watch the full episode here


Pelham Affordable Housing

AEL was honored to participate in the groundbreaking for Amethyst Brook Apartments in Pelham, MA. This $22 million housing complex project is the first of its kind in Pelham, Massachusetts. Western Builders Inc. of Granby, MA, is getting construction underway and when completed (estimated date of early 2025) it will provide affordable housing for 34 families. Read more about this development here.



What is Next?

We look forward to expanding our work throughout Massachusetts, strengthening our community ties, and the commencement of some exciting new projects. We are excited to be a part of a greater community, focussed on the design, development, and construction of the world in which we live and work. Here’s to the next 365!