AEL In The Community – St. Patrick’s Day

AEL In The Community – St. Patrick’s Day

Our President, Kevin Rothschild-Shea, and family joined in the legacy of the premier Saint Patrick’s Parade of the northeastern United States this year. The 71st annual Holyoke Saint Patrick’s Day Parade has a rich seventy-two-year history and an extraordinary influence culturally, socially, and economically, on the city of Holyoke, Massachusetts, and surrounding communities.

What began with a modest $200 donation from a single donor, has grown into a premier event with incredible impact. Over the years funds raised have increased to reflect the event’s growth and even more significantly, the local economic activity generated has been estimated at over $20 million. Parade weekend brings in over 350,000 visitors to the area!

During Parade weekend, downtown Holyoke comes to life with vendors, food trucks, and celebrations in bars and restaurants featuring the region’s talented bands. The Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day Road Race has grown from less than two hundred runners to attracting thousands, including world-class and Olympian runners Frank Shorter and Bill Rogers. This year Kevin’s daughter, Brynna, and future son-in-law, Will, joined the race. Then the family enjoyed post-race beverages at Iron Duke Brewing.

The Parade weekend brought in over 350,000 visitors! Learn more about the Parade here.

AEL is grateful to be a part of such an extraordinary community that values tradition.