Employee Spotlight: Brendan Stratton
Brendan Stratton, Project Manager

Employee Spotlight: Brendan Stratton

We’re grateful to go into another year with a dedicated team and each of their skill sets. Our employee spotlight this month is on a seasoned professional, Brendan Stratton, who has been a part of the AEL family now for ten years! When he’s not working you’ll find him spending time with family, playing sports, or practicing drawing.

Brendan plays a pertinent role to each design and build as he is a Project Manager and has years of experience in the field, making him an extremely valuable member of the team. His job entails most everything from project management, to drafting and construction administration, etc. The most rewarding part of his job is seeing a design he’s developed, in built form. It’s an incredible feeling seeing something you’ve spent so much time on come to life.

A favorite project to date Brendan has worked on with the team at AEL is the Lyman Terrace Apartments, simply because of the scale of the project. Prior to AEL, he spent three years working in large-scale industrial and office construction. He enjoys large-scale projects, and ones that are going to make a big impact on the community.

Fun Fact:
Brendan taught himself to be ambidextrous!