Employee Spotlight – James Regnier
James Regnier, Project Manager

Employee Spotlight – James Regnier

AEL is fortunate to have a group of talented, creative, thoughtful and dedicated individuals as employees. Our employee spotlight this month is on James Regnier who AEL has recently welcomed back to the team! James relocated back into the area this spring and picked up right where he left off. Welcome back, James! 

Each team member holds a unique position, as they’re responsible for a variety of different tasks that are pertinent to each job. James works in close collaboration with the project Principal on all aspects of a design and its development. Conceptualizing building designs from both functional and aesthetic perspectives is at the core of his position, along with fielding client requirements, site specifics, zoning requirements and project budgets. As part of James’ role on a variety of projects, he’ll create graphic presentations to convey design thinking and work closely with the site designers/landscape architects, interior designers, graphic designers and other consultants on design concepts and development. 

“I like the ability to design for the community and the environment in a way that is beneficial to the ecology of our planet,” said James Regnier.

His favorite project that he helped work on throughout his time thus far at AEL was the East Longmeadow War Veterans Memorial. This memorial is designed to honor community veterans and all members of the United States military forces killed in action. When he’s not working James likes to tinker with his three 3D printers, creating and fabricating art and industrial designs for his home. He enjoys running and hiking with his two Siberian Huskies, gardening and, most importantly, spending time with his extended family. 

A fun fact about James you may not know: He spent a summer as an Artist in Residence in Italy Carving Carrera Marble with a 7-Axis CNC Mill and his hands.

James is looking forward to supporting the company to grow and advance its use of technology to support the ever changing and diverse clientele.