Worcester Affordable Housing Project Updates
Aurora Apartments

Worcester Affordable Housing Project Updates

Aurora Apartments Project Updates: Aurora Apartments

We’re thrilled to have made advancements in our project with the Aurora Apartments in Worcester, MA., as we’re currently in the drawing phase for this 85-unit moderate rehabilitation project. It’s always a pleasure collaborating with our partners: 


Plumley VillagePlumley Village Project Updates: 

Along with The Community Builders, Massachusetts Department of Housing & Community Development, JSE, the Building Evolution Corporation of Worcester, MA, and BLW Engineers of Andover, MA, another amazing opportunity for the central MA community is underway. Together, we’ll be providing support to the community to live affordably and safely as we recognize the need for stable housing in the life of a family and as an essential element for economic and educational success.

We owe a big thank you to Langan Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc., and Illustrator, Lincoln Brown, of Westford, VT, for developing incredible illustrations of Plumley Village. 

Plumley Village