Architecture Environment Life Inc. has more than just their 12th anniversary of professional service to celebrate this month; they’ve announced today that they’re expanding their footprint onto the Cape! Along with family ties to Cape Cod, this expansion will allow the team at ArchitectureEL to increase their participation in historic preservation and help protect the Cape and its architectural beauty.  

ArchitectureEL Inc., a Western Massachusetts based Architectural firm, will be celebrating their 12th business anniversary this Friday, October 9th, along with their expansion to Cape Cod. Their President, Kevin Rothschild-Shea, owns property on the Cape as Cape Cod has always been a special destination in his family for generations. Although ArchitectureEL Inc. is interested in new commercial and residential construction, there are many old buildings on the Cape that are in danger of being torn down; as descendants of many generations of Harwich residents, ArchitectureEL Inc. is ecstatic to increase their preservation efforts so that the history of the Cape architecture does not get erased. Here is a look into President, Kevin-Rothschild-Shea’s genealogy:

  • Robert Eldredge (1627-1682) married Elizabeth Nickerson (1629-1706): members of the family that founded Chatham
  • William Eldredge Jr. (1698-1782) – Harwich resident
  • Ebenezar Eldredge (1755-1844) of Harwich – Revolutionary War soldier
  • Levi Sears (1770-1827) – resident of Harwich

“The Cape has been a large part of my family’s life for generations. Together we are descendants of Robert Eldridge and Elizabeth Nickerson and many generations of Harwich residents,” said Kevin Rothschild-Shea, President and lead Architect of ArchitectureEL, Inc. “We believe it is that familial connection that finds us back in Harwich Port.”

Cape Cod towns make a great effort to protect their historic resources and ArchitectureEL Inc. aims to play a big part in that. It is important to the team to have an impact in the preservation of the historic and cultural features of the Cape landscape and built environment. The Department of Justice published the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design in September 2010. ArchitectureEL Inc. is ADA compliant and this has had a positive impact on their designs; they ensure that their designs for facilities open to the public meet the necessary accessibility guidelines to create a striking and smart design that caters to all visitors. 

“ArchEL is going to the beach! My appreciation of the natural beauty of Cape Cod stems from both the nurturing physical environment as well as the sense of history,” said Kevin Rothschild-Shea, President and lead Architect of ArchitectureEL, Inc. “ArchitectureEL looks forward to creating built space that encourages a connection to the natural environment and to preserving the historic architectural treasures of the Cape.”

Often referred to as ArchitectureEL Inc., the company was founded in 2008 in the spirit of producing fine architecture responsive to the client’s needs. With over 20 years professional experience, they confidently manage a wide range of projects, from historical renovation and private residences to large commercial and multi-unit housing jobs. The team at ArchitectureEL Inc. work and live in the spaces they design and they carry the values they share into their designs. Their goal is to design and construct functional, enduring, and attractive buildings to suit the needs of the communities they serve, and this is exactly what they aim to do for the Cape.

Contact us for more information: 508-251-9073  or PO BOX 125, Harwich Port, MA 02646.