Employee Spotlight: Allison Lappiere-Houle
Allison Lapierre-Houle, Office Manager

Employee Spotlight: Allison Lappiere-Houle

Our employee spotlight this month is on a team member who values her AEL team just as much as her family. Allison Lappiere-Houle has been a part of the AEL family now for nearly five years and we are grateful for every second of her time here. Her favorite aspect of working for AEL is the people with whom she works; she loves her team!

Allison is a diligent and persevering individual. She has an excellent work ethic in and out of the office, and serves as an extraordinary caretaker for the AEL business, as well as her loved ones. She’s a family woman who has remained close with her parents who still reside where she grew up in Chicopee, MA. While caring for her 11-year-old son, Cooper, and 8-year-old daughter, Mollie, Allison manages all of the administrative functions of the AEL office such as human resources, in-office operations, supplies, etc. She is home to her Pug named Brownie, and two cats, Traeger and Bubba. She handles setting up projects in the file system, tracking the time and financials on all projects from start to finish, and all Accounts Payable and Receivables.

She doesn’t work directly on projects since she manages all aspects of the office, but she enjoys hearing about the progress of the East Longmeadow Veterans Memorial the most because of how influential this project is going to be. The project started with a lego model brought into the office by the veterans involved, and AEL used the idea as inspiration for the final design which will be built as a beautiful monument to represent the Veterans’ years of service to our country. Allison looks forward to watching the company grow in the next ten years as the team continues to evolve, and they continue to produce quality design work. Word of mouth referrals are the most frequent form of business development for incoming projects and AEL couldn’t be more grateful.

When not in the office Allison spends most of her time with her kids watching them flourish in the activities they love. She’s a hockey mom and dance mom through and through!

Allison’ personal mantra:
“Just keep swimming”