Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable Architecture

ArchitectureEL has placed an increased emphasis on historic preservation and sustainability in their designs and builds. We continue to see a huge effort put forth by the architecture community on sustainable architecture and expect this trend to move forward. Sustainability comes in many forms as innovations are introduced every day in the architecture world, in the drive towards environmentally-responsible communities.

Many efforts have been made to achieve zero-net operations. Sustainability has become a focal point in the world of architecture and design, inspiring architects to rethink how they build today. Sustainable architecture connects architects, startups, entrepreneurs, and companies creating design solutions for a better future. New construction materials have gained attraction and are a huge asset in designing environmentally-responsible communities. Materials like cork, bamboo, engineered wood, etc. don’t endanger Mother Earth and make the construction industry more exciting than before!

Trends to look out for in 2023:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Design: After the outbreak of the pandemic, people started spending more time at home than before. People realized there are benefits of having an outdoor space attached to your home so many brought their indoor and outdoor space closer together
  • Arches: Arches used to be one of the most frequently used architectural elements in the world. Today, arches are making a massive comeback and are now being used very frequently. They can help any home look more visually appealing, and a fabulous feature is the abundance of natural light they create
  • Modular Building: Another concept that is reaching new heights, is the idea behind modular building. Instead of completing every part of the construction process on the construction site, modular construction is fabricated off site, and installed/joined together on site

The pandemic contributed to slow progress with sustainability goals in the architecture world as carbon emissions were significantly reduced during the pandemic and projects may have been postponed, however, they have quickly returned to pre-pandemic figures. There are many ways of designing environmentally-responsible and resource-efficient structures and cities, with amazing innovations and advances introduced every day. These include everything from smart homes and photovoltaic glass to centrally organized power networks, modular building, and even self-healing bio-concrete.

Many emerging trends come from listening to what the people want, which puts climate change and sustainability at the forefront of new designs. Architecture is changing for the better all thanks to new technology.