New Employee: Rose Geist
Rose Geist, Project Designer

New Employee: Rose Geist

We’re thrilled to add another member to our team this year: Rose Geist! 

Rose has taken on a variety of responsibilities since she started at AEL as she is constantly communicating and collaborating with Project Managers, clients and co-workers. She brings a sense of curiosity to her work as she’s always looking to sharpen her skill set and dive into the nitty gritty of each project. She likes to jump head first into the programs, projects we’re working on to understand start to finish and key stakeholders, etc. She’s an avid introspective learner for all things – you’ll probably catch her head in a book or studying something new on her lunch break. 

In her free time, Rose enjoys creating drawings, paintings, and writing excerpts. She’s become active in a few online communities for drawing and photography and admires the work of Conceptual artists. She also has a passion for driving and understanding cars; she’s no Engineer, but has taken on a few projects with her dad and brother. Rose is an extremely family-oriented individual and she shows that trait even with her AEL family. We’re happy to have Rose join our AEL family!

Each member of our team brings a different energy and skill set to our projects and we couldn’t be more grateful for their hard work and dedication.

Fun Fact About Rose:

In her household Rose has 6 pets – 2 are cats and 4 are snakes!

Rose’s personal Mantra:

Questions lead to answers – but answers are never forever.